8th November 2023

The Register - Bad eIDAS: Europe ready to intercept, spy on your encrypted HTTPS connections

6th September 2023

The One Show (BBC) - talking about consumer protection from digital identity theft.

7th June 2023

PR Newswire - Security Headers and Probely Strengthen Collaboration To Enhance Vulnerability and API Scanning Technology

9th Decemeber 2022

SC Magazine - How HTTP security headers can help harden web applications

30th June 2022

Hep Net Security - Evaluating the use of encryption across the world’s top one million sites

9th December 2021

InfoSecurity - Half of Websites Still Using Legacy Crypto Keys

30th September 2021

The Register - Xero, Slack suffer outages just as Let's Encrypt root cert expiry downs other websites, services
BBC News Swahili - 'Kuzimwa kwa mtandao leo duniani', fahamu simu na Kompyuta zitakazoathirika
ZDNet - Fortinet, Shopify and more report issues after root CA certificate from Lets Encrypt expires
The Washington Examiner - Internet goes down for millions, tech companies scramble as key encryption service expires

29th September 2021

Yahoo! News - Millions of old phones, laptops, and smart gadgets could stop working later this week for a weird reason
Daily Star - Thousands of Android and iPhone users to lose Internet access TODAY
BBC News Mundo - "Apagón" de internet: a qué teléfonos y computadoras puede afectar
BBC News Brazil - 'Apagão da internet': como evitar problema em celulares e computadores antigos

27th September 2021

7News - Millions of smart devices to stop working from Thursday

22nd September 2021

Tom's Guide - Millions of iPhones, TVs and other devices could go offline next week — here's why
The Daily Swig - Device ‘breakage’ concerns persist days before Let’s Encrypt root cert expiry

21st September 2021

Tech Crunch - Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate is about to expire, and it might break your devices

13th September 2021

The Register - Open redirect on UK council website was being used for Royal Mail-themed parcel payments scam

26th August 2021

The Register - Brit says sorry after waving around nonce patent and leaning on sites to cough up

25th August 2021

The Daily Swig - UK firm accused of bullying small businesses with CSP patent infringement letters backtracks

5th October 2020

BBC News - Grindr accounts could be easily hacked with email address

3rd October 2020

enGadget - Grindr flaw allowed hijacking accounts with just an email address

2nd October 2020

TechCrunch - A security flaw in Grindr let anyone easily hijack user accounts

11th June 2020

TechRadar - Your smart home devices could all be about to stop working
Tom's Guide - Smart TVs, fridges and light bulbs may stop working next year: Here's why

17th April 2020

BBC News - Google blocking 18m coronavirus scam emails every day

23rd March 2020

CSO Online - Virtual security conferences fill void left by canceled face-to-face events

18th March 2020

The Daily Swig - Alternative routing: ProtonMail to add new anti-censorship feature

6th March 2020

Bank InfoSecurity - Let's Encrypt: We Won't Revoke All Certificates Right Now

5th March 2020

security.nl - SIDN: Nederlandse websites vaker afhankelijk van Let’s Encrypt

4th March 2020

Help Net Security - Let’s Encrypt will revoke 3m+ TLS/SSL certificates

12th December 2019

The Daily Swig - Security.txt – IESG issues final call for comment on proposed vulnerability reporting standard

29th November 2019

SC Magazine - Interest and skills drive talent to cyber-security, say trainers

28th November 2019

ZDNet - The web has a padlock problem - and your internet safety is at risk

25th November 2019

InfoSecurity - #CyberThreat19: Make Browser Encryption "Boring" to Improve Awareness

10th October 2019

BBC Ideas - The art of privacy in the digital age

24th September 2019

IT News - The government websites that still aren't 'secure'

5th July 2019

The Daily Swig - Mozilla revamps SSL Configuration Generator tool

17th June 2019

BBC News - Samsung TVs should be regularly virus-checked, the company says
The Inquirer - Samsung suggests telly watchers scan for malware, then changes its mind

23rd May 2019

ZDNet - TalkTalk customer bank details found through Google search
ITPro - Fresh TalkTalk customer data found publicly available online
The Scotsman - TalkTalk privacy breach: BBC Watchdog finds customer bank details via Google search

22nd May 2019

BBC News - TalkTalk data breach customer details found online
The Mirror - TalkTalk failed to tell 4,500 customers their bank details were stolen in 2015 breach
ComputerWeekly - TalkTalk admits new failings in 2015 data breach notification
The Inquirer - TalkTalk failed to inform 4,500 customers about 2015 mega-breach
The Sun - FRAUD WARNING Bank details of 4,500 TalkTalk customers leaked online during hack despite being told they were safe, BBC Watchdog reveals

25th April 2019
CBR Online - An Idiot’s Guide to Dealing with Hackers

24th April 2019
InfoSecurity Magazine - Double Edged Sword of Secure Traffic

11th April 2019
Tech Nadu - The Entire Web Should Be Encrypted

8th April 2019
IT Pro Portal - Why do 20 per cent of the world's biggest websites ignore HTTPS?

28th March 2019

14th March 2019
Venafi - Serial Entropy Issues Invalidate 22,000 TLS Certificates on Dutch Government PKI

28th February 2019
The Daily Swig - EFF condemns financial think-tank for promoting ‘weaker’ crypto

19th November 2018
BBC News - Vision Direct hack puts customers' money at risk
The Register - Vision Direct 'fesses up to hack that exposed customer names, payment cards

11th October 2018
The Register - Mozilla grants distrusted Symantec certs a stay of execution, claims many sites yet to make switch

10th October 2018
TechCrunch - With Chrome 70, hundreds of popular websites are about to break

9th October 2018
The Register - It's a cert: Hundreds of big sites still unprepared for starring role in that Chrome 70's show
TechRadar - Chrome browser security tweak could badly impact loads of popular websites

28th September 2018
BBC Travel Show - Taming India's native horses (segment on WiFi and VPNs overseas)

26th September 2018
The Daily Swig - Google defends auto-login revamp amidst privacy storm

20th September 2018
The Register - Sealed with an XSS: IT pros urge Lloyds Group to avoid web cross talk

14th September 2018
Tech Crunch - Three years later, Let’s Encrypt has issued over 380 million HTTPS certificates

7th September 2018
ZD Net - Chrome 69 kills off www in URLs: Here's why Google's move has made people angry

29th August 2018
InfoSecurity Magazine - Over 50% of Top Global Sites Now on HTTPS

28th August 2018
The Register - Give yourselves a pat on the back, top million websites, half of you now use HTTPS
CNet - Fortnite's battle royale with Android security problems is just getting started
ThreatPost - Fortnite Android App Falls Victim to Man-in-the-Disk Flaw
InfoSecurity Magazine - Over 50% of Top Global Sites Now on HTTPS

21st August 2018
The Register - Connected car data handover headache: There's no quick fix... and it's NOT just Land Rovers

3rd August 2018
The Register - Web doc iCliniq plugs leaky S3 bucket stuffed full of medical records

27th July 2018
InfoSecurity Magazine - Smart Home Security Camera Bug Exposed
Naked Security - “Simple trick” floors home security camera, gives anyone access
Threat Post - Security Glitch in IoT Camera Enabled Remote Monitoring

26th July 2018
BBC News - Swann's home security camera recordings could be hijacked
ZD Net - Flaw let researchers snoop on Swann smart security cameras
Smashing Security - Smashing Security #088: PayPal’s Venmo app even makes your drug purchases public
The Inquirer - Swann cameras 'fixed' after researchers uncover spying flaw, again

25th July 2018
The Register - Criminal mastermind injects malicious script into Ethereum tracker. Their message? '1337'
IT News - Aussie corporate and government websites with poor HTTPS redirects outed

24th July 2018
Threat Post - Google Starts Labeling All HTTP Sites as ‘Not Secure’
InfoSecurity Mag - HTTPS Awareness Raised in New Initiative
BBC News - Chrome browser flags Daily Mail and other sites as 'not secure'
The Register - Insecure web still too prevalent: Boffins unveil HSTS wall of shame
HelpNet Security - Chrome starts marking all HTTP sites as “Not secure”
Motherboard - An Incredibly Simple Hack Had the Potential to Manipulate Cryptocurrency Markets

23rd July 2018
CNet - Chrome's HTTP warning seeks to cut web surveillance, tampering

11th July 2018
Threat Post - Newsmaker Interview: Scott Helme on Securing the Web

9th July 2018
Smashing Magazine - Person Of The Week

27th June 2018
Motherboard - Online Betting Site Left Employees' Logins and Passwords Open to Hackers
ZDNet - Betting giant BetVictor leaked a list of its own internal systems passwords

25th June 2018
Computer Weekly - Most infosec pros would trust hacker-tested products

20th June 2018
BBC News - Council demanded payment card details via email

5th June 2018
ZD Net - Over 115,000 Drupal sites still vulnerable to critical flaw

1st June 2018
Computer Weekly - Security suppliers need to interact with community, says researcher

18th May 2018
Global Banking and Finance - Geek Street: Infosecurity Europe’s Newest Feature

28th April 2018
BBC Click - Mining for Money - YouTube Link for outside UK

6th April 2018
The Register - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a terrible leak of drone buyers' data

2nd April 2018
ITV - The Kyle Files

22nd March 2018
Smashing Security - 070: Facebook and Cambridge Diabolica

21st March 2018
The Register - Symantec cert holdout sites told: Those Google Chrome warnings are not a good look

12th March 2018
New Statesman Tech - Is cryptocurrency mining malware more dangerous than it seems?
The Next Web - How to protect your website from cryptojacking attacks

10th March 2018
The Next Web - How to protect your website from cryptojacking attacks

9th March 2018
The Register - DVLA denies driving licence processing site is a security 'car crash'
Digital Trends - Cryptojacking turns your PC into a Bitcoin mine, but you won’t see a cent

6th March 2018
ZD Net - Nike website flaw exposed sensitive server data

5th March 2018
eWeek - Facebook Automatically Upgrading Links to HTTPS to Boost Security

1st March 2018
Ars Technica - Trustico website goes dark after someone drops critical flaw on Twitter

27th February 2018
Sky News - 'Cryptojacking' attacks surge 1,200% in UK

23rd February 2018
Motherboard - 'Critical' T-Mobile Bug Allowed Hackers To Hijack Users' Accounts

22nd February 2018
CNN Tech - Cryptojackers are hacking websites to mine cryptocurrencies

16th February 2018
BBC Tech Tent (Radio) - Two Sides Of The Crypto-coin
BBC Tech Tent (News) - Two Sides Of The Crypto-coin
The Daily Swig - ‘We’re fortunate that the attackers had a very limited imagination’

15th February 2018
The Express - Could bitcoin break the NHS? Latest crypto-jack attack 'the first of many’, say experts
Bank Info Security - Cryptocurrency Miners: How to Shield Browsers From Bad Guys
Smashing Security - 065: Cryptominomania, Poppy, and your Amazon Alexa

14th February 2018
The Guardian - Huge cryptojacking campaign earns just $24 for hackers

13th February 2018
RT (Live Broadcast) - ‘Cryptojacking’: How your PC can be hacked to mine cryptocurrencies
Motherboard - Creators of In-Browser Cryptocurrency Miner 'Coinhive' Say Their Reputation Couldn't Be Much Worse
Motherboard - The Biggest Cryptocurrency Mining Hack Yet Made a Grand Total of $24
International Business Times - US Courts, UK Privacy Watchdog, Thousands Of Sites Hit By Cryptomining Campaign
PC Mag - Cryptocurrency Miner Invades 4,000 Sites Via Third-Party Tool
Tech Juice - Govt websites are being used by hackers to mine cryptocurrency
The Star - Hackers infect thousands of websites to mine cryptocurrencies
TechDirt - More Than 4,000 Government Websites Infected With Covert Cryptocurrency Miner

12th February 2018
Virus Bulletin - There are lessons to be learned from government websites serving cryptocurrency miners
The Guardian - Cryptojacking attack hits Australian government websites
ABC News - Hackers used Australian government websites to mine cryptocurrency, security researcher says
TechRadar - Nefarious Bitcoin miners have hijacked government websites worldwide
The Times - Hackers force HSE website to hunt for cash
Gizmodo - Cryptojackers Strike Again, Hitting Thousands of Sites Including US and UK Government Pages
TheNextWeb - Government websites have quietly been running cryptocoin mining scripts
Hindustan Times - Over 4,200 US, UK government websites infected with crypto-mining malware: Report
Slash Gear - US, UK government websites infected by cryptomining malware
FossBytes - Government Sites Caught Cryptojacking Off People’s Computers, Crypto Malware Infects 4200 Sites
BuzzFeed - Australian Government Websites Were Being Hijacked To Mine For Cryptocurrency
NakedSecurity - Cryptomining script poisons government websites – What to do
Rappler - At least 4,200 websites had cryptominer active through hacked plugin
Bank InfoSecurity - Government Websites Deliver Cryptocurrency Mining Code
ZD Net - UK government websites, ICO hijacked by cryptocurrency mining malware
Express - Bitcoin price LIVE: BTC price yo-yos as concerns rise for NHS services after CoinHive hack
The Inquirer - Hackers hijack gov-run websites to mine Monero cryptocurrency
HelpNet Security - Thousands of government, orgs’ websites found serving crypto mining script
InfoSecurity Magazine - Crypto-Mining Malware Found on 4000+ Sites
The Irish Times - Irish government websites among those hit by ‘coinjacking’ malware
NewStatesman - The ICO is among several government organisations hit by crypto-mining hackers
RTE - Public service websites among those affected by 'coin-jacking' attack
Metro - Thousands of government sites including Student Loans hacked to mine cryptocurrency
Tech Crunch - Cryptojacking attack hits ~4,000 websites, including UK’s data watchdog
CNET - Government websites hijacked by cryptocurrency-mining malware
Evening Standard - Bitcoin hackers 'hijack power of government websites to mine cryptocurrency'
Express - Cryptocurrency miners hijack NHS computers to create bitcoin-style money using malware
CoinDesk - UK Government Websites Hit By Cryptocurrency Mining Malware
Neowin - Thousands of websites hit by cryptocurrency mining malware
Fortune - How the U.S. Courts Website Unwittingly Became a Cryptocurrency Miner
Insider - Government-linked websites across the world have been shut down as hackers were using them to mine cryptocurrencies
Computer Weekly - Criminals hijack government sites to mine cryptocurrency used to hide wealth
iNews - Government websites hijacked by hackers to mine cryptocurrency
Wired - UK government websites were caught cryptomining. But it could have been a lot worse
Daily Mail - Thousands of websites infected by 'crypto mining' malware
Daily Mail - Bitcoin hackers hijack thousands of UK government computers with visitors’ machines also infected by virus that helps criminals ‘mine’ digital currencies
SC Magazine UK - Government websites, including ICO, hit by cryptocurrency mining campaign
Motherboard - Cryptocurrency Mining Hack That Compromised Thousands of Sites ‘Could Have Been a Catastrophe’
The Journal - Number of websites infected by cryptocurrency hack, Ireland's National Cyber Security Centre says
The Hacker News - Thousands of Government Websites Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrencies
Digital Trends - Government websites fall prey to a plugin injected with a digital coin miner
Dark Reading - Attackers Use Infected Plug-In to Install Cryptomining Tool on Over 4200 Websites
The Independent - Hackers secretly made UK government websites force visitors' computers to mine bitcoin alternative monero
Consumer Affairs - Hackers rifle through thousands of sites panning for cryptocurrency
Futurism - Now Hackers Are Mining Crypto On Government Websites
Business Insider - Government-linked websites across the world have been shut down as hackers were using them to mine cryptocurrencies

11th February 2018
The Telegraph - Government websites secretly mined cryptocurrency
The Register - UK ICO, USCourts.gov... Thousands of websites hijacked by hidden crypto-mining code after popular plugin hacked
Sky News - Hackers take UK Government websites offline and infect thousands more worldwide
BoingBoing - Cryptocurrency-mining malware spotted on more than 4200 sites including UK, US, and Australian government sites
The Sun - HACK ATTACK UK government websites shut down as hackers infect thousands of pages with Bitcoin-like mining software
BBC News - Hackers hijack government websites to mine crypto-cash
Bleeping Computer - U.S. & UK Govt Sites Injected With Miners After Popular Script Was Hacked
IT News - Australian govt sites hijacked by crypto miner
US News - U.S., UK Government Websites Infected With Crypto-Mining Malware: Report
Engadget - Government websites fall prey to cryptocurrency mining hijack
The Guardian - Government websites hit by cryptocurrency mining malware
CIO Australia - Thousands of U.K. and U.S. websites infected with cryto-mining malware
Finder - Government websites hit in cryptojacking attack
Reuters - U.S., UK government websites infected with crypto-mining malware: report
Manchester Evening News - Manchester council's website could have been hacked by crypto-coin miners
MIT Technology Review - A cryptojacking attack hit thousands of websites, including government ones

6th January 2018
BBC Click - Live and Clicking - YouTube link for outside UK

3rd January 2018
The Register - Bug-finders' scheme: Tick-tock, this tech's tested by flaws.. but who the heck do you tell?

30th November 2017
The Register - Oops: LinkedIn country subdomains SSL cert just expired

16th November 2017
The Register - Does UK high street banks' crappy crypto actually matter?
The Register - Drone maker DJI left its private SSL, firmware keys open to world+dog on GitHub FOR YEARS

3rd November 2017
The Register - El Reg assesses crypto of UK banks: Who gets to wear the dunce cap?

30th October 2017
The Register - RIP HPKP: Google abandons public key pinning

23rd October 2017
The Register - Sarahah anonymous feedback app told: 'You're riddled with web app flaws'
The Next Web - Teen ‘compliments app’ Sarahah is reportedly rife with security issues

17th October 2017
The Register - uBlock Origin ad-blocker knocked for blocking hack attack squawking

15th September 2017
The Register - Equifax mega-breach: Security bod flags header config conflict

8th September 2017
The Register - HSBC biz banking crypto: The case of the vanishing green padlock and... what domain are we on again?

31st August 2017
Risky Business - HPKP as an attack vector
BBC Click - Is quantum encryption the key to cyber-security?

25th August 2017
Hashed Out - Industry Experts Agree: Don’t Use Key Pinning (HPKP)

25th August 2017
The Register - GTFO of there! Security researchers turn against HTTP public key pinning

24th August 2017
Smashing Security - 039: Woah - are we talking to a cyborg?
Graham Cluley - Smashing Security #039: Woah - are we talking to a cyborg?

16th August 2017
The Register - Months after breach at the 'UnBank' Ffrees, customers complain: No one told us

11th August 2017
Hashed Out - Snake Oil Security: Signs of Security (& Crypto) Snake Oil

7th August 2017
BBC Click - Could you be paying for things using just your hand?

5th August 2017
BBC Click - What happens in Vegas...

3rd August 2017
BBC Click - Hacking with Hawaiian garlands

2nd August 2017
BBC Click - Where hackers go to hone their skills

1st August 2017
BBC Click - The hi-tech badges made for hackers
TripWire - Cyber Security Heroes Part 5: Scott Helme
UK Fast - CyberSecurity Exper Week: Ransomware with Scott Helme

29th July 2017
BBC Click - Fear and Coding in Las Vegas

17th July 2017
Motherboard - It’s Trivially Easy to Hack into Anybody’s Myspace Account

10th July 2017
The Register - The AA's copped to credit data blurt, but what about car-crash incident response?

3rd July 2017
BBC News - AA Shop investigating 13 gigabyte data breach
Motherboard - The AA Exposed Emails, Credit Card Data, and Didn’t Inform Customers
Ars Technica - HTTPS Certificate Revocation is broken, and it’s time for some new tools

1st June 2017
White Paper - Cryptography across industry sectors

19th May 2017
Google I/O - Getting the Green Lock: HTTPS Stories from the Field (Google I/O '17)

29th April 2017
BBC Click - Click investigates a company claiming to offer 'absolute security' and discovers all is not what it seems. - (YouTube version for outside UK)

28th April 2017
Silicon - Researcher Finds Super Secure Email Service Nomx ‘Riddled’ With Security Flaws
ZDnet - Nomx, the "most secure" email service, can be easily hacked, say researchers
InfoSecurity Magazine - Nomx Researchers Defend Work, Dispute Unfair Test Claims
Daily Mail - 'World's most secure' email service is riddled with security flaws that leave it vulnerable to being hacked

27th April 2017
BBC Technology - BBC exposes flaws in 'world's most secure' email service (non-UK link)
Ars Technica - Punching holes in nomx, the world’s “most secure” communications protocol
The Register - Super-secure Pi-stuffed nomx email server box given a good probing
Motherboard - ‘World’s Most Secure’ Email Service Is Easily Hackable
InfoSecurity Magazine - Researcher Alleges Email Security Appliance Contains Catalog of Errors
SC Magazine - Nomx 'secure email server' challenged by British researchers
Hacker News - An analysis of the Nomx secure communications device
Graham Cluley - Nomx? No thank you

3rd March 2017
Motherboard - London Cops' Emails Sent With No Encryption, Open to Interception

27th February 2017
root.cz - Postřehy z bezpečnosti: i LED diody mohou zradit

13th February 2017
Shop Talk - 250: Web Security with April King and Alex Sexton

1st February 2017
Digital Trends - HTTPS use has finally reached its 'moment of critical mass’

25th January 2017
Ars Technica - Ars announces HTTPS by default (finally)

19th January 2017
F5 - The 2016 TLS Telemetry Report

2nd December 2016
Chrome Releases - Stable Channel Update for Desktop

12th October 2016
The Next Web - How to create a really cool Wi-Fi map of your neighborhood

13th September 2016
SC Magazine - GM recalls millions of vehicles over software fault

12th September 2016
Smashing Magazine - Content Security Policy, Your Future Best Friend

12th September 2016
Infosecurity Magazine - GM Recalls Millions of Cars After Critical Bug Found

9th September 2016
Windows IT Pro - Security Sense: The End of Non-Secure-by-Default Websites is Nigh

6th September 2016
Qualys Blog - Is HTTP Public Key Pinning Dead?

31st August 2016
InfoQ - Mozilla's Observatory Website Security Analysis Tool Available

26th July 2016
Ars Technica - Ecotricity plugs password reset security hole in EV charging app

26th July 2016
The Register - UK 'leccy car company Ecotricity patches leaky car recharge app

21st July 2016
KeyCDN - X-Frame-Options – How to Combat Clickjacking

18th July 2016
Infosecurity Magazine - Steelcon - When Hackers Went North

9th May 2016
Quartz - Nissan developers copied code from the internet, pasted it into a remote-access app

4th May 2016
The Verge - Nissan app developer busted for copying code from Stack Overflow

26th Apr 2016
KeyCDN - Let’s Encrypt Leaves Beta – HTTPS Statistics

10th Apr 2016
Noupe - Securityheaders.io: How Safe is Your Web Space?

5th Apr 2016
Motherboard - Bug in Domino's Pizza App Allowed Hackers to Get Free Pizza for Life

2nd Mar 2016
Independent Online - [Cyber hijackers will control your car](Cyber hijackers will control your car)

26th Feb 2016
ThreatPost - Total Recall: Troy Hunt Breaks Down His Nissan Hack

25th Feb 2016
Jalopnik - Nissan Does The Right Thing, Suspends App Downloads Until They Fix Leaf Hacking Issues
SC Magazine - NissanConnect EV taken offline after LEAF hack
BT - Nissan pulls companion app after car hack flaw is revealed online
CNET - Nissan suspends NissanConnect EV smartphone app over serious hacking concerns
Slash Gear - Nissan Shuts Down NissanConnect EV App Due To Hacking Exploit
Slash Gear - Nissan Leaf security vulnerability allows remote access to vehicle functions
TechDirt - Nissan Forgets Security Exists, Opens Leaf Owners To Remote Attack
Tech Radar - The Nissan Leaf is hackable. Here is what owners need to know
Financial Times - Nissan disables app for electric Leaf car amid hacking risks
The Inquirer - Nissan Leaf cars are susceptible to hacking
AutoExpress - Nissan Leaf phone app disabled over hacking risk
The Verge - Nissan pulls the Leaf's phone app after security vulnerabilities come to light
The Telegraph - Nissan suspends Leaf app after electric car hacked
CBS News - Nissan Leaf car app is taken offline after hack exposed
The Mirror - Nissan Leaf HACKED: Japanese firm scrambles to fix electric car security flaw
CIO Online - Nissan apologizes, shutters mobile app that left Leaf EV hackable
Threatpost - Nissan Car Hack Allowed Remote Access
Global News - Nissan Leaf app disabled after claims in-car system could be hacked
Wired - Nissan disables Leaf car app after security scare
BBC Radio Newcastle - Today's North East
Moterhboard - Nissan Disables App that Let Hackers Drain the Battery on Its Electric Car
ArsTechnica - Nissan’s connected car app offline after shocking vulnerability revealed
BBC News - Nissan disables Leaf app after car hack risk revealed online
InfoSecurity Magazine - Nissan Disables App After Remote Hack Demo
The Register - Don't take a Leaf out of this book: Nissan electric car app has ZERO authentication
Engadget - Nissan disables its Leaf remote control app (update)
USA Today - Nissan Leaf app deactivated because it's hackable
TechWeek Europe - Nissan Leaf Can Be Hacked From Other Side Of The Planet
The Washington Times - Nissan disables app after hackers show how to remotely hack 200k electric LEAF cars
Inverse - Hackers Can Mess With Your Nissan Leaf From Anywhere in the World

24th Feb 2016
CSO Online - Hackers can access the Nissan Leaf via insecure APIs
Softpedia News - Nissan LEAF Cars Have Exposed APIs, Can Be Abused via the Internet
Slash Gear - Nissan Leaf vulnerability opens climate controls to hackers
The Next Web - Nissan Leaf can be hacked from anywhere in the world through insecure APIs
International Business Time - Hacker takes control of Nissan electric vehicle from other side of the world through Leaf app
Autoblog - Nissan Leaf app contains cyber vulnerability, researcher says [UPDATED]
SC Magazine - Researchers hack Nissan LEAF from half way across the world
Jalopnik - How The Nissan Leaf Can Be Hacked Via Web Browser From Anywhere In The World
Tom's Hardware - Nissan Leaf Cars Can Be Hacked Through A Web Link
Digital Trends - Nissan’s Leaf EV can be hacked from anywhere, with just an Internet connection
The Verge - Nissan Leaf’s app could let hackers run down batteries and see trip logs
Wired - Nissan Leaf electric cars vulnerable to hacking
Transport Evolved - Major Security Flaw With NissanConnect EV Telematics System Means Hackers Can Access Your LEAF Electric Car With Just Its VIN
InsideEVs - Nissan LEAF Vulnerable To Hacking (w/video)
BBC News - Nissan Leaf 'security flaw' exposed by security expert
The Guardian - Hackers can control Nissan Leaf's heating and access driving history
ZDNet - Nissan Leaf hackable through insecure APIs
Motherboard - Hackers Can Download Trip Histories, Tamper With Fans of Nissan Electric Cars
BBC News - Nissan Leaf electric cars hack vulnerability disclosed
Graham Cluley - Lousy Nissan LEAF security leaves cars open to online exploitation
Troy Hunt - Controlling vehicle features of Nissan LEAFs across the globe via vulnerable APIs

16th Feb 2016
IT Pro - Hackers could use VoIP phones to eavesdrop on you

15th Feb 2016
The Register - IP freely? Your VoIP phone can become a covert spy tool...

12th Feb 2016
VTech T&C Change - BBC World Service - Tech Tent

10th Feb 2016
BBC News - Parents urged to boycott VTech toys after hack

4th Feb 2016
Heise Security - Web-Dienst prüft Präsenz sicherheitsrelevanter HTTP-Header

26th Jan 2016
The Register - Now you can easily see if a site's HTTP headers are insecure, beams dev

19th Jan 2016
Prof Alan Woodward - Why Do So Few Use Security Headers?

19th Jan 2016
BBC News - Asda bug exposed online shopping payment details

6th Jan 2016
The Register - Docker proffers guide to better headers

30th Dec 2015
Diogo Mónica - Creating a CSP Policy from Scratch

29th Dec 2015
Diogo Mónica - From F to A+: Getting Good Grades on Website Security Evaluations

19th Dec 2015
@SwiftOnSecurity - Tweet

17th Dec 2015
@SwiftOnSecurity - Tweet

10th Dec 2015
The Next Web - This tool helps you check if you’re using the right security headers in your Website

17th Nov 2015
Chrome Developer Summit (Emily Stark) - Deploying HTTPS: The Green Lock and Beyond

19th Oct 2015
Yan Zhu - Sniffing browser history using HSTS + CSP

4th Sep 2015
Microsoft Ignite New Zealand - Building a secure anti-social.network

1st Sep 2015
Troy Hunt - Introducing you to browser security headers on Pluralsight

27th Aug 2015
Information Security Buzz - Securing your Web Application Through HTTP Headers

24th Aug 2015
Graham Cluley - Subway app's security update leaves a queasy feeling in my stomach

19th Aug 2015
Pluralisght - Introduction to Browser Security Headers

5th Aug 2015
B-Sides Manchester - How widely used are security based HTTP response headers?

26th May 2015
Graham Cluley - How to monitor XSS attacks and other security threats on your website, in real-time

31st March 2015
TechTarget - Amid growing SSL concerns, Qualys expands free public SSL tester

25th February 2015
The Register - Why does the NSA's boss care so much about backdoors when he can just steal all our encryption keys?

17th October 2014
Inside IT - Pudel-Lücke: Die Neunzigerjahre schlagen zurück

16th October 2014
IB Times - What is POODLE? The Latest Online Security Threat After Shellshock and Heartbleed

15th October 2014
The Register - Twitter, Cloudflare kill SSL 3.0 ... and here's how YOU CAN TOO
Qualys - SSL 3 is dead, killed by the POODLE attack
Graham Cluley - The POODLE bug internet vulnerability! Watch this video then check your browser
Ivan Ristic - SSL 3 is dead, killed by the POODLE attack

15th August 2014
Forbes - Hotel Booking Website Nightmare

8th July 2014
SC Magazine (UK) - Hotel Hippo closes for good after data breach
IT Security Guru - Hotel Hippo closed by parent after vulnerability disclosure

7th July 2014
Graham Cluley - Hotel Hippo website goes belly-up after massive security failure

3rd July 2014
SC Magazine (.com) - HotelHippo offline after security pro finds flaws
Graham Cluley - Hotel Hippo website shockingly insecure, customer data at risk
dataIQ - Top hotel customers hit by 'appalling' breach at booking site

2nd July 2014
The Register - Travel website Hotel Hippo yanked offline after data leaks spotted
SC Magazine (UK) - ICO probes Facebook/HotelHippo data privacy
IT Pro - Hotel booking site taken down over data breach fears
Softpedia - HotelHippo Website Down for Security Reasons
Help Net Security - "Secure" UK hotel booking site leaking customer data

1st July 2014
BBC - Booking site HotelHippo.com in 'appalling' data leak
Neowin - Security consultant condemns hotel booking site for "appalling" data leak

12th April 2014
CloudFlare Blog - Certificate Revocation and Heartbleed

27th February 2014
RouterPwn - EE BrightBox

7th February 2014
The Register - EE rolls out Brightbox fix... but it WON'T stop packet sniffers, DNS meddlers – infosec bod
ISP Review - EE UK Deploy Partial Fix for BrightBox Broadband Router Security Woes

21st January 2014
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20th January 2014
BBC - EE rushes to fix broadband box security risk
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18th January 2014
ISP Review - EE UK Rush to Fix Security Flaw in BrightBox Broadband Routers

17th January 2014

16th January 2014
Softpedia - Flaws in EE’s BrightBox Router Expose WPA Keys, Passwords and ISP User Credentials
Reddit - EE BrightBox router hacked - bares all if you ask nicely

15th January 2014
SecList - EE BrightBox router hacked - bares all if you ask nicely