One of the biggest things that motivates me to publish so much material on my blog is the desire to help others and drive security forwards in our industry. To take that to the next level I've teamed up with Ivan Ristić and Christian Folini through Feisty Duck to offer professional training!

These courses are curated by the top minds in their respective fields and are a hands-on approach for developers and system administrators to learn how to secure their online presence. The 3 courses we offer are outlined below and are taught in small classes to maximise the benefit for attendees.

The Best TLS Training in the World

From the author of much acclaimed Bulletproof SSL and TLS, this practical course will teach you how to deploy secure servers and encrypted web applications during a day packed with theory and practical work. We’ll focus on what you need in your daily work to deliver best security, availability and performance. And you will learn how to get an A+ on SSL Labs! More details.

Learn to CSP Like a Pro

Learn the inner workings of Content Security Policy with theory and practical sessions to deploy your own fully functional CSP. We'll cover tools and methods to effectively deploy, test and monitor CSP on an ongoing basis and address common challenges that organisations face during deployment. More details.

ModSecurity Masterclass

This two-day course will help you set up an Apache webserver and install ModSecurity together with a tight ruleset. We will configure the server and talk about every single detail of the configuration to give you an expert understanding of how your server works and behaves. More details.


We offer public sessions for our training and also deliver on-site training to both small and large businesses. Please get in touch using the Contact page or via the links above if you'd like more details. Here are some of the feedback comments from previous training sessions I've delivered:

My first ever perfect score, never awarded a single 10/10 before!

Real life stories to enhance the understanding and impact of the need to be secure.

Good, in-depth knowledge of subject area by trainer.

The practical exercises really helped my understanding.

Knowledgeable trainer who made a rather dry subject interesting.