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Scott Helme

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Security researcher, entrepreneur and international speaker who specialises in web technologies.

Tracking CAA usage

We recently saw the introduction of one of many new technologies becoming available to site owners to secure themselves in the form of Certificate Authority Authorisation, or CAA. Let's take a look at just how many sites are using it. Certificate Authority Authorisation You can read more on my blog…

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Our journey to a HTTPS only world

Right now the entire Internet is taking a journey and our destination is a world where the only connection used to load a site is a secure one. We've come a long way, yes, but we still have a long way to go. The beginning In the beginning the Internet…

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Are EV certificates worth the paper they're written on?

We're seeing a huge push towards encryption on the web right now and as a part of that push the topic of certificates comes up with some frequency. EV certificates, or Extended Validation certificates, seem to be quite polarising with either a love them or hate them response. I'm going…

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Adding security headers to Prism JS

I recently came across the Prism JS syntax highlighting library whilst looking at a few options to spruce up my blog. I was very disappointed, though not at all surprised, that they didn't have support for my favourite security headers, so I added it. Prism JS The Prism JS library…

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