As we roll further into 2022, I wanted to outline the projects and other activities in the community that I support in the hope that it might inspire you to consider doing the same.

These projects are in no particular order and I either support them because I use them and depend on them, or, because I believe it's a good cause and want to support it anyway.

As time goes by I will keep this page updated and it will also be linked in the sidebar of my site. If you support any projects or have any suggestions on projects to support, drop by in the comments below and let me know!

Nette Framework

We use the Nette Framework and Tracy Debugger at Report URI so this was a great candidate.

You can see that Michal is listed in the Generous Backers section for his existing personal donation, and I love his sponsor message <script>alert('');</script>, and we are now listed in the Generous Backers section as Scott Helme as the donation was made personally by me. This will now remain as an ongoing subscription to support the project.



Another tool that we depend on a lot is our PHP Static Analysis tool, PHPStan. They have multiple ways to Sponsor them but I chose to go through GitHub Sponsors as it's really easy if you already have payment details in GitHub.

Another cool thing about using GitHub Sponsors is that they match donations to some projects and our donation to PHPStan qualifies so they get twice as much! If you look at their file you can see Michal listed there with his personal donation again and I'm listed under my name too. You can also view my personal GitHub page where it shows projects you are supporting with GitHub Sponsors.


Ubuntu PHP Packages

We use Ubuntu (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x64) on our production servers and PHP (8.0, soon to be 8.1) from the Ubuntu PPA managed by Ondřej Surý. In the Donate on the site there are several ways to contribute and I originally used PayPal to start a recurring donation but now run it through GitHub!

You can head over to GitHub and see other sponsors of the project and consider joining us!


Let's Encrypt

We use Let's Encrypt certificates on Report URI and I also use Let's Encrypt extensively on my PiHole, my entire Ubiquiti home network and just about every other project I have!

I started up a monthly donation to Let's Encrypt which is easy to do via their Donation page so we're now happily supporting them too!


The Pi-hole

I've talked about my Pi-hole a lot and the official Pi-hole website gives full details on what they do, but in short, it's an awesome and simple DNS server that you run locally on a Raspberry Pi and it blocks all kinds of advertising/malware/nasty stuff at the DNS level for your whole house, including revocation.

I've sponsored them through their GitHub project and if you like what they're doing, drop by and help out.


Home Assistant

Another awesome project I've talked a lot about is Home Assistant, the ultimate and best home automation tool I've found.

Another GitHub sponsor, you can see the options and how easy it is to support them here.


Signal Messenger

I use Signal Messenger quite a lot and so do many other people around the World. As a free app/service, I wanted to show my support with their 'Signal Sustainer' program!

This is done directly in the Signal Messenger app.

£8GBP/mo (~$11USD)

Projects of mine that depend on support

As well as supporting other project in the community, I also run some community projects that could benefit from your support!

Security Headers

Security Headers is a completely free-to-use tool for anyone that wishes to conduct quick and easy scans of the security focused HTTP response headers of an application.

I'm very grateful of our main sponsor, Probely, and to all of the other members of the community that donate to support the site!


Every single day, my Crawler.Ninja project scans the Top 1 Million sites in the World and conducts a security analysis. The daily summary of these scans is available every day and terabytes of historic data is available going back years!

If you'd like to check out the project header over to the site and please do consider donating to support the costs of the project.

My Blog!

Of course, the very site you're reading now takes time and effort to produce. Some blog posts may only take hours to produce but some, well they can comfortably take days!

If you'd like to consider supporting my blog you can subscribe directly through my site, or, consider using a platform like Patreon.