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CSRF is (really) dead

A little while back I wrote a blog post about how "CSRF is dead". It focused on SameSite cookies, a powerful yet simple feature to protect your website against CSRF attacks. As powerful as it was, and as much as it will kill CSRF, you had to enable it on…

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Cross-Site Request Forgery is dead!

After toiling with Cross-Site Request Forgery on the web for, well forever really, we finally have a proper solution. No technical burden on the site owner, no difficult implementation, it's trivially simple to deploy, it's Same-Site Cookies. As old as the Web itself Cross-Site Request Forgery, also known as CSRF…

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Tough Cookies

Cookies are tiny pieces of data attached to requests that your browser sends. Their most important use is for authentication so that a web server can know if you are logged in or not. Unfortunately there are a few problems with cookies that needed addressing. Let's toughen up our cookies!…

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