Things have certainly been interesting over the last few weeks and it's fair to say that a lot things have changed in quite a short amount of time! With any negative event like the one we're currently experiencing though, I like to try and remain positive where possible and look for opportunities instead.

No more travel

As many of you will know I've spent a lot of my recent years doing a lot of travelling for both public speaking and training events. With travel restrictions in place for most of the World now, I've gone from having a packed calendar in 2020 to literally having no travel booked at all this year! Not so good for those of us independent folks that depend on travel for our income, but as I said, I'm looking instead for other opportunities that this may present.

Blog Sponsorship

When you're on the road so much it becomes difficult to dedicate time to other tasks but now that my travel is gone, I'm picking up things that I previously just couldn't fit into my schedule. I announced back in 2018 that I was removing ads from my blog and instead going for a simpler, cleaner, lighter and safer approach with a sponsor message.

You can find the full details on my Sponsor page and reach out to me if you have any questions at all, but I'd like to invite anyone reading this to think if their company or product might be a good fit. Now is possibly the best time to get involved in sponsoring as budgets that would previously have been spent on other things becomes available, my blog readership seems to have notably increased recently and my blogging activity has already significantly increased now I'm spending more time at home too! Couple that with extra activity on social media and it's fair to say that sponsors will be getting some extra bang for their buck right now.

Security Headers needs your support too!

If you're not familiar with Security Headers, it's my free service that allows you to quickly and easily scan your website to see if your HTTP response headers are configured properly and what security features you're using.

Try it out if you haven't already, it takes literally a couple of seconds to do a scan, and you can scan any site you like. Here's my hard-coded genuine A+ grade that my blog achieves.

One of the things you might notice in those screenshots is that my other project, Report URI, is currently sponsoring Security Headers! I want to keep Security Headers running and free for everyone to use and for that it needs a sponsor! That being said, having one of my projects sponsor another one of my projects doesn't result in a net positive on the support front.

If you'd like details on sponsoring Security Headers then head over to the Sponsors page for details and again please reach out if you have any questions at all. The site receives an enormous amount of traffic and the sponsorship includes coverage on the appropriate social media channels too.

Support my work on a personal level

If you'd like to help out but you're not a company looking for sponsorship opportunities then in the right column of this page, or further down if you're on mobile, there's a Support section that lists things like Patreon, Flattr, PayPal, Bitcoin and several other ways to support me and my work. I also have other projects like Crawler.Ninja that also have their own respective donation options for support.

If you'd like to donate and need a receipt/invoice let me know up front and that can be arranged no problem!

Hopefully with a bit of support I can line up some sponsors or donations to keep the cogs turning over the coming months so any support you can give, either financial or exposure, would be most appreciated!