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Monitoring HTTP/2 usage in the wild

Having recently enabled HTTP/2 support on my blog, I was curious to see just how many of my visitors would be using the new protocol. I'm going to demonstrate how you can easily track the exact usage of HTTP/2 and other features of your web server. This includes…

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Supporting HTTP/2 with NginX

My blog now features HTTP/2 support thanks to the latest version of NginX. I'm going to walk through how to build the latest version of NginX and enable HTTP/2 support on your own server. Install the latest version At the time of writing the latest mainline version of…

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HTTP/2 is here!

After more than 15 years of living with HTTP/1.1 we can finally start to enjoy the benefits of HTTP/2! As an early adopter I've taken a look at some of the key improvements in HTTP/2 and how we might just have to undo some of the…

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