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Deprecating XSS Reports

A lot has changed in the browser landscape recently and we've seen all of the mainstream browsers move away from running their own XSS Auditor or XSS Filter. Given this shift, it's time for me to update a few things too. XSS Auditor and XSS FilterThe XSS Filter ran in…

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Supporting other projects in the community

I've relied on a lot of different projects over the years that have helped me in various different ways and recently had the opportunity to start giving something back. Running Report URIWe're lucky enough to have Michal Špaček with us on the team at Report URI and it was him…

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Improving email security with MTA-STS

There has been a huge focus on encryption on the web recently, with lots of that centred around HTTP with things like HTTPS and HSTS. Now we're taking the same concept and extending it to email with MTA-STS, or Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security. MTA-STSYou can read about MTA-STS…

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HPKP is no more!

It's been an interesting ride over the last few years but HPKP, or HTTP Public Key Pinning, is finally coming to the end of its tenure. With support now gone in the last remaining browser, HPKP has been consigned to the scrap heap. HPKPI first wrote about HPKP back in…

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