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Improving email security with MTA-STS

There has been a huge focus on encryption on the web recently, with lots of that centred around HTTP with things like HTTPS and HSTS. Now we're taking the same concept and extending it to email with MTA-STS, or Mail Transfer Agent Strict Transport Security. MTA-STSYou can read about MTA-STS…

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HPKP is no more!

It's been an interesting ride over the last few years but HPKP, or HTTP Public Key Pinning, is finally coming to the end of its tenure. With support now gone in the last remaining browser, HPKP has been consigned to the scrap heap. HPKPI first wrote about HPKP back in…

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DMARC Reporting is here!

It was our most requested feature and simultaneously really simple and really complicated, but it's finally here. DMARC reporting allows you to detect and prevent fraudulent emails being sent that claim to be from your domain when they aren't. DMARC reports are another valuable source of information that you can…

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Dealing with account recovery and 2FA

I'm a strong supporter of 2FA and we implemented it some time ago on Report URI. All users can use 2FA on their account for free, whether they pay for a subscription or not, and it represents a great way to boost the security of your account. However, problem does…

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