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URLs are hard, let's kill them

We've seen a couple of changes in the Chrome UI recently and one of them attracted some pretty fierce criticism online rather quickly. With the removal of some of the URL components from the address bar I was quite relieved so see a simplification of this complicated UI feature. Turns…

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Hacking Chrome to Look More Awesome!

I've been playing around with a few of the 'hidden' flags in the Chrome browser and I've come up with a selection of settings that I think really improve the current browsing experience. Here they are if you want to try them out! The Demo Sites For this blog I'm…

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Chrome to the future

We recently saw the release of Chrome 68 which brought with it a default 'Not Secure' warning on all HTTP pages. This change appears to have come as a surprise to many site operators despite plenty of information being posted and distributed about the change and media coverage. Let's take…

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