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Testing the HSTS preload process

My registrar had an offer on domains so I figured I'd grab one and test out the HSTS preload process as it currently stands. I want to track how easy it is to preload and how long it takes for full browser coverage in vendor preload lists.   What's preloading? HSTS,…

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Hardening your HTTP response headers

Following the recent announcement of my new service, https://securityheaders.io, I thought I'd cover some more of the security based HTTP response headers out there and look at how to harden your existing HTTP response headers. Introduction HTTP Response headers are name-value pairs of strings sent back from a…

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HSTS Preloading

HSTS is the great little response header that tells a browser to always use SSL/TLS to communicate with your site. It doesn't matter if the user, or a link they are clicking, specifies HTTP, HSTS will remove the ability for a compatible browser to use HTTP and will enforce…

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Setting up HSTS in nginx

The HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header allows a host to enforce the use of HTTPS on the client side. By informing the browser to only use HTTPS, even if the user specifies HTTP as the protocol, the browser will enforce the use of HTTPS. This protects the user from…

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