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Bypassing HSTS or HPKP in Chrome is a badidea

I saw some research published at BlackHat EU recently that detailed various ways to bypass both HSTS and HPKP in a variety of mainstream browsers. It was a novel technique and seems like a viable attack vector to bypass them, which is a big problem because both HSTS and HPKP…

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Adding security headers to Prism JS

I recently came across the Prism JS syntax highlighting library whilst looking at a few options to spruce up my blog. I was very disappointed, though not at all surprised, that they didn't have support for my favourite security headers, so I added it. Prism JS The Prism JS library…

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Death by copy/paste

I was writing up an article about using security features for bad things and I stumbled across something interesting. I found what turned out to be sites having used copy/paste configurations that could potentially brick their entire site for months. HSTS and preloading For those of you unfamiliar with…

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