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Brotli Compression

Following a few performance related blogs recently this one is following a similar trend and is going to look at Brotli compression. It was announced by Google in September 2015 and it claims to offer 20%-26% better compression than existing compression algorithms. That's a pretty noteworthy improvement to compression…

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Caching Ghost with Nginx

The performance of my site has always been a consideration, the faster your site, the better the browsing experience. I've made various changes in the past to try and boost performance but this is perhaps the best one so far. Setting up caching with Nginx. Performance We should all want…

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Monitoring HTTP/2 usage in the wild

Having recently enabled HTTP/2 support on my blog, I was curious to see just how many of my visitors would be using the new protocol. I'm going to demonstrate how you can easily track the exact usage of HTTP/2 and other features of your web server. This includes…

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Supporting HTTP/2 with NginX

My blog now features HTTP/2 support thanks to the latest version of NginX. I'm going to walk through how to build the latest version of NginX and enable HTTP/2 support on your own server.   Install the latest version At the time of writing the latest mainline version…

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