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Sites that used to have EV

I recently announced a new project to publish my crawler data and whilst I was there I decided to see what else I can do with the data. Looking over historic crawls we can see when sites make the switch from EV down to DV/OV. crawler.ninja For more…

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Launching Crawler.Ninja

Because I don't have enough things to do I decided that I'd launch yet another project! This one came with a slightly lower overhead though so it's not too bad but I'd like to introduce you to crawler.ninja! My new and improved crawler Regular readers will know that I've…

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Tracking CAA usage

We recently saw the introduction of one of many new technologies becoming available to site owners to secure themselves in the form of Certificate Authority Authorisation, or CAA. Let's take a look at just how many sites are using it. Certificate Authority Authorisation You can read more on my blog…

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