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I'm giving up on HPKP

HTTP Public Key Pinning is a very powerful standard that allows a host to instruct a browser to only accept certain public keys when communicating with it for a given period of time. Whilst HPKP can offer a lot of protection, it can also cause a lot of harm too.…

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securityheaders.io updates and sponsorship

A couple of months ago I announced some updates to securityheaders.io and the new sponsorship opportunities. 2 months on I've made some further updates on feedback and have a new sponsor to announce! securityheaders.io Regular readers will be aware of my free service, securityheaders.io, that analyses your…

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securityheaders.io updates!

Every month I'm really happy to see securityheaders.io continuing to attract new users, get great feedback and be used and talked about more and more widely. With this increase in popularity comes the requirements to continually improve the service to keep everyone happy. Here is the latest round of…

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