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HPKP is no more!

It's been an interesting ride over the last few years but HPKP, or HTTP Public Key Pinning, is finally coming to the end of its tenure. With support now gone in the last remaining browser, HPKP has been consigned to the scrap heap. HPKPI first wrote about HPKP back in…

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Bypassing HSTS or HPKP in Chrome is a badidea

I saw some research published at BlackHat EU recently that detailed various ways to bypass both HSTS and HPKP in a variety of mainstream browsers. It was a novel technique and seems like a viable attack vector to bypass them, which is a big problem because both HSTS and HPKP…

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Adding security headers to Prism JS

I recently came across the Prism JS syntax highlighting library whilst looking at a few options to spruce up my blog. I was very disappointed, though not at all surprised, that they didn't have support for my favourite security headers, so I added it. Prism JS The Prism JS library…

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The death knell for HPKP?

HTTP Public Key Pinning, or HPKP, has sure had an interesting journey as a standard but today marks what will probably be the final blow for the dying mechanism. Chrome has announced their plans to deprecate and remove support for HPKP as soon as 29th May 2018. What is HPKP?…

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